My name is
I'm a digital product designer who spent years in program management and marketing. I create things that will help achieve both business goals and user goals. In case you're wondering, I love roasted chestnuts.
My name is


I'm a product
designer with a
background in
brand marketing
and product
I create things
that fulfill both
business goals
and user goals.
In case you're
wondering, I love
roasted chestnuts.

My name is


I'm a digital product designer whospent years in program managementand marketing. I create things that willhelp achieve both business goals anduser goals. In case you're wondering,I loveroasted chestnuts.

01 Airbnb

Car Rental Feature Design

Endless available resources across the net doesn't always make travel booking an easier task. Most travelers research their trip across multiple websites to get everything they'll need. How might we add a feature to Airbnb to make booking travel more convenient for its users?

02 Picki App

Restaurant Finder
End-to-End App Design

Even when the opportunity to try cuisines from all over the world is presented, to most people finding authentic restaurants remains a challenge. How might we help food lovers find authentic restaurants more easily?

03 Fast Fit Foods

Online Order Experience Redesign

Healthy and affordable meals should be enjoyed by more people. Here is how we helped a local meal service business convert more customers online through a website redesign.

04 Portal Time Travel

Travel Booking Website Design

Let’s dream big. Today an epic trip to Antarctica is just a few clicks away. How could we help adventurous travelers book a trip to travel back in time with confidence and ease?

04 End-to-End App MVP

Travel Booking Website Design

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About Me

I'm a digital product designer with a background in marketing and product management. After leading a product launch at my previous job, I became a strong advocate for users and discovered my passion for UX design.

Born in China (my Chinese name is Zhongxia 仲夏), and raised as a global citizen. I bring the polar-opposite cultures together and embrace challenges that come with them. I create experiences by harnessing curiosity and an open mind.

I am energized by the feeling of working for a cause, and always pour my heart and soul into projects surrounding solving real problems and bringing real values to people and society.


  • Product Designer @ Branch Politics
    Encouraging more people to vote locally through UX design improvements
  • Product Manager @ Canva
    Nov. 2020 - Dec. 2021
    Led the launch of Canva for Education in China
  • Product Marketing @ Canva
    Feb. 2019 - Dec. 2020
    Helped build the enterprise product in China. Led awareness campaigns, customer marketing campaigns and crafted branding content
  • BD Director @ Sunrise International
    2015 - 2018